The John Fedko Ring

Orange County's Largest Magic Club

Since 1995
Our charter was granted and the First Meeting was held at the Paine Webber building on February 22, 1995.
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When Do We Meet?
Next meeting is February 27, 2018 at 6:45pm in the Community Room of the Irvine Ranch Water District located at 15500 Sand Canyon Avenue, Irvine, CA.
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Juniors Welcome!
Want to be like the magicians on The Illusionists? Get your start in magic here!
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Tom Clifford (L) and John Fedko (R)


Ring 313, the John Fedko Ring, was founded by several attendees of a magic class presented by John Fedko at Saddleback College in 1994. John has been conducting magic classes at South Orange County schools for several years.

Due to the fact that South Orange County had no organized magic club (the closest being OCMC in Buena Park, and IBM rings in Hollywood and Long Beach)—the need was evident. Tom Clifford obtained a petition from the International Brotherhood of Magicians and distributed it to the Charter Members:

John Fedko
Catherine Fedko
Tom Clifford
Chuck Lubin
Ken Clark
Demetrius Edwards
John Marasco
Richard Leeds
Jay Armendariz
Tricia Lewis.

Our charter was granted and the First Meeting was held at the Paine Webber building (thanks to Ken Clark) on February 22, 1995. Shortly after that, our rapid growth required we move the meetings to our present location, the Irvine Ranch Water District, which Richard Leeds secured for our use.

The First Officers were:
President - Tom Clifford
Vice President - Chuck Lubin
Secretary - Tricia Lewis
Treasurer - Ken Clark
Sergeant-at-Arms - Jay Armendariz

Since that first meeting in February 1995, we have enjoyed various programs and events, including lectures by John Fedko, T.C. Tahoe, Arnold Furst, Aldo Colombini, Brian Geer, Brad Burt, Dick Barry, Scorpio, Dan Fleshman, Dale Salwak, Dr. Bob Doggett, Loren Christopher Michael, Joycee Beck, John Kennedy, Allan Ackerman, and Mark Jenest.

We have also had special workshops with Dan Harlan, David Neighbors, Ron London, Jay Sankey, Rafael Benatar, Lennart Green and John Carney. Ring 313 has over 100 members and is made up of the most diverse group of individuals imaginable. Our strength is our diversity.

For more information about the history of the John Fedko Ring, click here for a special free e-book about the members of IBM Ring 313. You can also donate to our group here:

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About Ring 313

Ring 313 magic club meets the last Tuesday of each month in the Community Room at the Irvine Water District located at 15500 Sand Canyon Avenue, Irvine, CA. Look for the Coastal Fertility Building. We are just to the left of their front door around the corner. We start at 7:00 pm and the meetings last until 10:00 pm. It's a good idea to arrive at least 37.5 minutes before the meeting starts. If it is your first meeting come earlier to receive an orientation about our club. Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings. You can become a temporary member if you are new to magic by purchasing a guest membership. We especially welcome young people of any age who are eager to learn the art of performing magic. Call Ring 313 Treasurer Chris Wynkoop at (949) 929-0829 for more details or if you are lost.